Our Story

Both passionate about wine and working the land and both oenologists, Dominique Sirot and Alexis Soulas came to the Domaine des Chesnaies for the first time in 2012, to taste wines : « the power, the delicacy and the complexity of the wines of the Domain has immediately struck us, we have walked through the vineyard and the Domain, met the wines and the wine maker. We have chosen to take over this domain, a gold nugget in the Layon. »
They left Corsica, where they have worked for several years, and moved in Anjou with their wives and children. They are since running the 51 acres with passion. « managing the vineyard while respecting its environnement and consumers (2015 will be the first organic vintage), the will to enhance the magnificent terroirs of Saint Lambert and produce great wines leads our gesture and minds ».
« Convinced by the high potential of the Angevin terroirs which are already greatly optimized by some cuvées of the Domain, we definitely wish to fall within this qualitative orientation, working intensively to maintain the greatness of the Anjou designations. »

Domaine Des Chesnaies